Test Fixtures

Test Fixtures

FR4 plates with tighter thickness tolerance

With our precision surface grinding machine FR4 plates can be grinded with very tight thickness tolerances.

Maximum machine width of 1350 mm with three sanding stations on hardened steel rollers.

Achievable thickness tolerance ± 50 µm.

Example: FR4 unclad in 4.00 mm

The normal thickness tolerance for that product is 4.00 ± 0.30 mm.

By grinding with our machine we can deliver 4.00 ± 0.05 mm.  

Cut to size available.


FR4/G11 Laminates

HGW 2372.1 / HGW 2372.4 manufactured in accordance with NEMA L1 / DIN 7735

Thickness: 0.20 – 100.00 mm

Format: 1030 x 1230 mm; 1092 x 1245 mm; further sizes on request

Cut to size available.


Acrylic Glass

Cast style – transparent with double-sided protective film

Thickness:  1.00 – 30.00 mm

Sheet size: 1220 x 2000 mm

Cut to size available.

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