Routing entry board of phenolic paper, 0.5 mm or 0.8 mm thick

These routing boards have two main purposes:

a) Protection of the circuit surface
Phenolic paper 0.8 mm thick is suitable for most applications

b) Protection of the edges from damage caused by bulging
We recommend cover layers of glass fabric laminate (FR4) 0.3 mm thick for processing soft materials (e.g. PTFE base materials)

MSC delivers all routing materials cut to specification and, on request, with extra cleaned surfaces.

Further information is available in the technical datasheet:

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 Routing plate Safetool, 6.35 and 9.5 mm

Precision Base Plates for Drilling and Routing Machines.

Special features:

  • Very smooth surface cleaned on both sides (roughness depth < 3µ)
  • Outer layer hardness equal to 90 Shore D
  • Registration pins can be reused repeatedly in the same drill holes
  • Mechanically very stable
  • Can be used on both sides

Further information is available in the technical datasheet:

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