Machines for making micro-sections: milling, grinding, polishing

Machines for making micro-sections

 MSC manufactures and sells a unique system of machines for making micro-sections:

The system consists of the following machines:

  OSR: multifunctional desktop milling machine


  • OSR
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Further information available in the following technical datasheet:

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(TSM: precise cross cutting machine with digital camera system)1)

1)The TSM is not offered anymore as replaced by our new machine S-OSR available since August 2017. The S-OSR combines the functionality of OSR and TSM in one machine for making precise micro-sections. This means from now on you only need 2 machines S-OSR and SPA. Our customers having a TSM of course will be supported furthermore with service and spare parts.

The OSR will be still available as all-purpose milling machine for flexible coupon removal from printed circuit boards. 


S-OSR: precise milling machine with digital video camera system and automated image processing


  • S-OSR-klein
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SPA: z-axis-controlled grinding and polishing machine


  • SPA-MSC-klein
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Process flow with S-OSR and SPA:

  • determine the specimen under the digital video camera of the S-OSR
  • precise milling of the specimen supported by digital camera technique and image processing (edge detection)
  • insert the specimen in the appropriate MSC specimen holder (no additional registration aids like pins, clamps ... required)
  • fill in the embedding resin and let it cure
  • put the specimen holder into the SPA and start the fully automatic grinding and polishing process

Advantage of the MSC system with S-OSR and SPA:

  • high precision, therefore also suitable for laser drilled micro-vias
  • the microsection process is standardized and can even be performed by untrained personnel
  • high throughput volume is possible; a single person can process many specimens per day (see time analysis report)
  • significant savings in consumables (grinding paper, embedding resin, etc.)

Further information about S-OSR and SPA available in the following technical datasheets: 

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 In addition a time analysis report, which helps to compare our system with your current process and also to calculate the cost efficiency.

Time Analysis S-OSR SPA
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MPA: Multi-Polishing-Automat

The Multi-Polishing-Automat MPA is our newest machine and was developed to produce high quality polishing results on micro-sections of printed circuit boards.

For doing that the machine is equipped with the following features:

  • three polishing plates for using different polishing cloths and liquids
  • automated dosing of the polishing liquids
  • the polishing head can be equipped with up to three MSC specimen holders (max. 12 coupons) 
  • Cleaning station for automated cleaning of the specimen holders after each polishing step.
  • MPA-frei-klein
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Further information is available in the following technical datasheet: 

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