ViaPad® Press Pads

ViaPad® Press Pads


Thermopapier cut 02 

MSC offers various solutions for different pressing parameters, customized for the materials to be laminated. Unlike press pads made from elastomers, which distribute pressure along the X/Y-axis, MSC pads allow for pressure equalization exclusively along the Z-axis. Advantage: coverlays and delicate fabrics are not stretched in the X/Y direction, which means better dimensional stability. All MSC press pads can be delivered at short notice, pre-cut to specification and equipped with drill holes as required. 

Thermo 500
A slightly alkaline cotton press pad for universal application on both rigid and flexible circuits. Reusable when typical epoxy resin pressing parameters are applied.

Delivery form: sheets
Color: natural white
Thickness: 1.0 mm
Weight: 500 g/m2

Further information see technical datasheet:

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Thermo 400
A reduced-density cotton-cellulose press pad with repeatedly-cleaned fibers. This material is softer than Thermo 500 and thus especially well-suited for laminating coverlays on heavily structured surfaces.

Delivery form: sheets
Color: pure white
Thickness: 1.0 mm
Weight: 400 g/m2

Further information see technical datasheet:

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Thermo 350
An affordable high-density cardboard based on linter cellulose for PCB applications with "rigid circuits" or base material production.

Delivery form: sheets
Color: blue
Thickness: 0.68 mm
Weight: 350 g/m2

Further information see technical datasheet:

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TPad-R can be repeatedly reused for pressing inner layers, coverlays and resin-coated copper foils. What sets this product apart from other so-called rubber press pads is our special pretempering treatment, which assures minimal evaporation of volatile components; even in the first pressings, no troublesome volatile matter is released.

Delivery form: rolls and sheets
Max. roll width: 1000 mm
Thickness: 1.6 mm
Maximum operating temperature: 230°C

Further information see technical datasheet:

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