FR4 High Performance Laminates and Prepregs


MSC Polymer is the official distributor of all Panasonic High Performance Laminates and Prepregs, stocks and delivers all high end products (R-1755M, R1566(W) etc.) in sheets or already pre-cut and with bevelled edges upon request. Quickly and at favorable costs. Approvals have been obtained from the most important OEMs.

Product Overview:

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MC-100: Standard FR4

R-1566(W): halogen free FR4 

R-1755M: FR4 with higher thermal stability

Megtron 2; Megtron 4; Megtron 6; Megtron 7: high speed - low loss materials

R-F775: adhesiveless polyimide flexible laminate


Technical datasheets for all products available on request.

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